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A Guide to Registration with the Nursing Council of New Zealand

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If you’re interested in taking up a nursing position in New Zealand you probably have a whole host of questions: Am I eligible for work with my nursing qualification from abroad? How do I register as a nurse in New Zealand?  In this post, we aim to answer your questions and share with you the 5 steps to registration with the NCNZ (Nursing Council of New Zealand). There are several steps that you must complete to enable you to register as a nurse in New Zealand. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss nursing opportunities, we welcome you to contact the health and social care team.


A summary of the Five-Step registration with the NCNZ:

  1. Firstly, the CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) need to verify and authenticate your credentials.
  2. Your report will then be reviewed and approved by the CGFNS.
  3. You can then apply to the NCNZ (the Nursing Council of New Zealand).
  4. Next, the NCNZ go through its assessment and approval process.
  5. Once these steps are completed, you can apply for your Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

A registered nurse in New Zealand


How do I register as a Nurse in New Zealand?

Step One

Authentification and Verification

Firstly, you must apply to The Credentials Verification Service for the Nursing Council of New Zealand at CGFNS International, Inc.

All nurses who have been trained and educated abroad must complete this first step. There is an exception for Australia-registered nurses who hold an internationally recognized qualification. The following documentation will be required for authentication:

Identity Documents       Employment History       Education History      License Validation        Language Proficiency


Please note that there a $300 USD service fee (this is separate from the registration application fee for the NCNZ). Start the process here. Upon receiving ALL required documents the verification process will take around 30 days. You can track your status through the CGFNS Application Status Tracker. Prospero recommends using the courier service when sending and verifying your documents to make the process as fast as possible.


Step Two

CGFNS Authorisation of Your Report

When your documents have been fully verified, a Credentials Verification Service report will be generated by the CGFNS. You will have 30 days to review and approve this report. Your report, and verified documents will then be sent to the NCNZ.


Step Three

Application to the NCNZ

Upon receiving your reports and documents, the Nursing Council of New Zealand will invite you via email to apply for registration. Again, you will have 30 days in which to complete this. The service fee at this stage is $485 NZ$.

Begin your application here.

New Zealand Mountains - registration with the NCNZ

Step Four

NCNZ Application & Approval

Your application will be assessed against the seven registration standards by the Nursing Council of New Zealand. The seven registered standards are:


1. Identity

2. English Language

3. Current Registration

4. Nursing Qualifications (Bachelor’s Degree of Nursing or equivalent)

5. Post Registration Experience (minimum two years)

6. Fit to Practice

7. Competent to Practice


At this stage, you will need to complete a criminal history check ($149 AUD) and make a declaration of fitness for registration.

Step Five

Application for APC Certificate to complete registration with the NCNZ

When your registration is approved, you’ll need to apply for your APC (Annual Practising Certificate). This enables you to work as a nurse in New Zealand. See associated fees below*:

  • NZ$55.00 6 month fee
  • NZ$82.50 9 month fee
  • NZ$110.50 12 month fee
  • NZ$137.50 15 month fee

*APCs are issued annually based on a person’s birthdate. The renewal fee for your account is calculated based on when your birthday falls in relation to the annual renewal date.


Competency Assessment Programmes (CAPS)

Who is required to take them?

If you have been registered overseas you may need to pass a CAPS course. The NCNZ will inform you if this is necessary.

In New Zealand, the role of registered nurse role and the health care settings are similar to those of the UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, the USA and Canada For this reason, you may not need to complete a CAP if you were registered in these countries.


We hope you found this post on registration with the NCNZ. We’d love to hear from you…

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