Areas we cover

Areas we cover

Prospero Health & Social Care Australia & New Zealand - Areas we cover

Can I apply for Nursing roles with Prospero?

Yes, Prospero recruits for qualified nursing roles across Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to speak to a member of the team before applying, please contact

Can I Apply for nursing jobs if I am from overseas?

Yes, Prospero places qualified nurses from around the globe within Australia, New Zealand and the UK. If you are interested in relocation, get in touch with the team who can best advise which nursing roles are best suited.

Can I apply for aged care jobs with Prospero?

Yes, Prospero Health & Social Care Australia & New Zealand focus on both residential and community positions within the Aged Care industry nationwide across both Australia and New Zealand. Please send your CV over to and a consultant will be in touch to discuss your application.

Can I recruit staff for aged care jobs with Prospero?

Yes, we have a specialised team that focus on residential and community aged care jobs Australia and New Zealand wide. We recruit permanent and fix term contract positions. Contact us on and we can arrange a time to call to help assist you with your current recruitment needs.

Does Prospero recruit for family and community service jobs?

Yes, whether you are looking for help to recruit someone for your organisation or you are interested in working in this sector, we can help you.

Does Prospero recruit for disability service jobs?

Yes, we work with private and not-for-profit organisations in different states across Australia & New Zealand. Contact us at the relevant email addresses to register your interest in a position or if need help recruiting a role in this area.


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How do I apply for mental health & wellbeing jobs?

The best way to apply is to have a look at our website for a relevant position you are interested in and we can give you a call to discuss once you have submitted your details, if there isn’t anything available, please register your interest on the top right hand corner of the home page which will alert us you are interested in opportunities and a consultant can contact you directly to assist.