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Moving to New Zealand: Interview with an Irish Podiatrist

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Moving to New Zealand: Interview with an Irish Podiatrist


Are you interested in moving to New Zealand? Kelly, our Health & Social Care recruitment consultant, recently connected with Linda, a Irish podiatrist who made the move. Linda shares her experience of moving from Ireland to Aotearoa, along with her insights on using our recruitment services. Keep reading our Moving to New Zealand: Interview with an Irish Podiatrist blog to find out about Linda’s journey!


Linda at work


Why did you decide to move to New Zealand?


A: I have always been fascinated with New Zealand. Mainly for its amazing scenery and landscape and my love of hiking/tramping. I have always been told that my home country, Ireland, was the land of a thousand welcomes. But that New Zealand was the land of two thousand welcomes. After living here for the last two months, I can see that this is very true! As a podiatrist, I knew that there were plenty of opportunities here for me to progress in my career.




Linda and her boyrfriend


How would you describe the support you received from the Prospero team when moving to New Zealand?


A: As soon as I applied for the role as a podiatrist for Ora Toa on seek, Kelly at Prospero called me within two hours. Which I was very impressed with considering I was in a time zone 12 hours behind! She asked me a series of questions and enquired what income I would expect for the job offer to ensure she could get me the best offer. When I woke up the next morning Kelly had an interview set up with management at Ora Toa. Again, I couldn’t believe how quick and easy she made the experience for me.

The day I landed into the country Kelly text to check in to see how I was and if I needed help settling in. After moving halfway across the world with no family or friends around, this was much appreciated. Kelly also tried to assist my boyfriend in sourcing employment and remained in regular contact with us even eight weeks after we had entered the country!

Her recommendations on recruiters helped secure my boyfriend’s employment. He does not work in healthcare so Kelly had no obligation to help but she did. We are forever grateful!


What do you enjoy most about working at Ora Toa in New Zealand?


A: At Ora Toa I’m working as a podiatrist within a multidisciplinary team. I have ample support from all staff members at all times. I love the diversity of patients I am seeing on a daily basis.

As a podiatrist, I am providing diabetes care to those in the community. I am overwhelmed at how grateful each patient is for the service I provide. It is an extremely effective community based health service with over 60+ services being offered.


What aspects of living abroad have you enjoyed so far?


A: I love exploring new places. In New Zealand, there is so much to see and do. I love planning road trips and long weekends jam-packed with activities and sights. I love wandering into cafes, to free museums, to parks and going tramping.

To meet new people, I joined a basketball and a turbo touch team. The lifestyle here is very laid back and easy. The people here are so welcoming and friendly making the experience of moving away extremely smooth.


Linda and her boyrfriend


What advice would you give to healthcare professionals from overseas thinking about moving to New Zealand?


A: Do it, home will always be there!

To work in a different country with so many different ethnicities and cultures is a fantastic learning experience. I know that I will bring that experience and advanced skill set home with me.


Key Takeaways


As we conclude, we hope Linda’s adventure sparks inspiration for those contemplating their international working venture and moving to New Zealand.

As Linda says “Do it, home will always be there!”

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