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Considering working in New Zealand? Now is the perfect time

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As part of step 4 of the previously announced 5-step NZ borders opening plan, the country continues to move in a positive direction. This is amazing news for anyone with the dream to come and work in New Zealand this year! Read on to find out how after recent developments New Zealand is fast re-emerging as a top destination to live and work.

Work in New Zealand

Now is the perfect time to move to work in New Zealand!

So what’s new?

New Zealand is moving to fully reconnect with the world by July 31st 2022. To reach this goal, the country is ‘rebalancing’ its immigration system to make it simpler for high skilled workers to move for work. This is anticipated to provide a much-needed boost to key sectors across the country.

New Zealand has always been a highly desirable destination for health care professionals. Now, the dream of living and working in New Zealand can become a reality with a simplified application process and rapid career pathways. Keep reading for more information and useful links. Reach out to the team if you’d like to find out more about how Prospero can help connect you with exciting new work opportunities.

Why is now the perfect time to consider working in New Zealand?

There are so many reasons that the latest developments offer an amazing opportunity:

  • Employers are offering competitive wages to attract skilled health care professionalsThis is an opportunity to make a real difference in your sector!
  • Skilled workers such as teachers or nurses are needed during a global shortage. This means you’ll certainly be in high demand.
  • Also, great news if you are looking to bring your partner and/or family with you! From December 2022, partners of workers will be granted visitor visas. Partners can also apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa if they would like to work too. Significantly, work visas allow partners to work less than 30 hours a week in case of other responsibilities such as childcare.
  • Check out New Zealand Immigrations ‘Green List’ of occupations that are in high demand right now. On their website, you will soon be able to find full details of registration, qualification or experience requirements.

What has changed to enable this?

From July 4th, the brand new Accredited Employer Work Visa system enables employers be able to offer job opportunities faster. This is due to the streamlined system making it possible for employers to use their existing recruitment processes. The application process will also be fully online, with a more integrated approach to sharing information making it more efficient.

The Visa processing for migrants to work in New Zealand should take around 40 days. This process includes:

    • Accreditation check – 10 working days
    • Job check – 10 working days
    • Migrant check – 20 working days

Looking to the Future: Residence Pathways

Despite initially involving temporary working visas, this initiative will also streamline pathways for residence status. After September 2022, many workers will be able to apply for New Zealand residency, whereas others will be able to apply after working in New Zealand for two years. Keep an eye on the skilled migrant category of residence pathways for updates.

Occupations that are eligible for the ‘Work to Residence Pathway‘ after two years include:

  • All Registered Nurses (including but not limited to Aged Care)
  • Midwife

If you’re interested in hearing more about living and working in New Zealand then reach out to the team today. You can also browse our latest health care vacancies. We look forward to supporting you on your journey!